We are proud to announce the identified themes of the NCT Asia Pacific 2017 conference sessions, taking place from 16-18 May 2017 in Seoul, Korea. By welcoming leading stakeholders from the ROK Army, government and groundbreaking research institutes, the conference will provide updates especially on CBRNe emergency preparedness and response approaches. The specific conference sessions themes are outline below.

NCT Asia Pacific 2017 Conference Sessions:

  1. CBRNe Threats and Capability Building in the Asia-Pacific;
  2. Protecting High Visibility Events against CBRNe Threats;
  3. Training and Protecting First Responders;
  4. Radiological and Nuclear Accidents: From Prevention to Recovery;
  5. C-IED in the Asia-Pacific
  6. Biological and Infectious Diseases
  7. Protecting borders against CBRNe threats
  8. CBRNe Terrorist Attacks in the Asia-Pacific

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