IB Consultancy regrets to inform you that the planned Live Demonstration during NCT CBRNe Asia Pacific in Seoul on 14 March 2016 has been cancelled. The cancellation is a result of the tensions with North Korea and the subsequent readiness level of the ROK CBR Defense Command. Although we are disappointed that our delegates can not see the capabilities of the ROK CBR Defense Command during the live demo, we understand that the first priority of the ROK Armed Forces is the defense of the Republic of Korea, and being ready for any threats. With our conference, we hope to contribute to this defense.
During the conference we will however have full participation of the ROK CBR Command, and the Command will give a presentation on Tuesday morning 15 March on its capabilities. NCT CBRNe Asia Pacific has over 180 confirmed delegates and our exhibition space is sold out. If you would like to register to attend the conference, please visit www.nctasiapacific.com to book your delegate pass.

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