Why Sponsor?

The Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) is the leading CBRNe and EOD event series in the world, supporting industry and all government stakeholders in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the USA.

Working in partnership with governments, militaries and academic organizations for the design, planning and implementation of all our events, we ensure the highest level of quality, relevance and opportunity.

Since 2012, the NCT series are focused events welcoming over 2500 high-level speakers on all international, national and local governmental levels, including military and first responder participants. NCT events attract high profile participants from policy makers to budget holders – and create opportunities to build lasting relationships with Ministers, Chiefs of Armed Forces and CBRNe and EOD Commanders.

Network and meet with your clients at the NCT CBRNe Award Gala Reception during NCT CBRNe Asia, the established NCT Party at NCT CBRNe and eXplosive Europe, chat during one of the live CBRNe or eXplosive capability demonstrations, cocktails receptions, or sit down in the private VIP lounge. This is what makes the NCT event series so different: unparalleled networking opportunities with high ranking officials and budget holders. No other event will offer you this quality of networking!

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Why sponsor NCT Events?